Home care is one of the most rewarding experiences  a Respiratory Care Practitioner can enjoy. Families and patient’s lives are directly affected by the care they receive at home. With proper training life can continue with fewer hospital visits. My mother was using home BiPAP up until her passing. Recently a friend, Kris T. told me she may need CPAP at home and I begin to think how I could contribute indirectly to helping people with home care since I retired out of Respiratory Therapy and this website is my answer. As a former Respiratory Therapist the most important tips I can give to you in closing are to stop smoking, improve your diet, get exercise, and of course if you need to lose weight.


Wishing you the best,

R. Beggs Former RRT, CRTT, RCP


Featured picture sourced to Mitra Sahara via Flickr.


Rebecca Beggs is a Former Registered Respiratory Home Care Practitioner now living in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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