The Mandibular Advancement Device is sometimes called oral appliances, or Dental Sleep Devices. 

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Side Effects of the Mandibular Advancement Device:

According to the Conclusions of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Volume 164 Issue 5 in article titled, Side Effects of Mandibular Advancement Devices for Sleep Apnea Treatment, “Minor subjective side effects from mandibular advancement devices used for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea are quite common, and may be  associated with measurable changes in position of the teeth and of occlusion.  Severe discomfort or damage to the teeth or temporomandibular joints that would have led to discontinuation of therapy did not occur in the current study.” They when on to say and I paraphrase that close orthodontic monitoring in addition to internal-medical follow-up of patients treated with OA is advisable.  They also said it proved to be a valuable alternative for therapy of sleep apnea and snoring in patients who were not able to tolerate other therapeutic modalities, in particular continuous positive airway pressure.  The improvement of sleep apnea symptoms provided bye the OA was maintained over at least more than 1 year.


It is good to note that according to Sleep Solutions, founded by Dr. Gy Yatros and Dr. Richard Drake there are many FDA approved dental sleep devices.  Here is some of their information below:  These are stop snoring devices.

  1. Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) – Moves the jar forward which moves the tongue forward opening the airway.  This is the most common device.
  2. Tongue Retaing Devicess (TRD) – Like the Mandibular Advancement Device the TRD pull the tongue forward, but instead of moving the jaw forward like the Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), TRD’s directly control the tongue itself.  These take several months or weeks to be worn before they are comfortable.
  3. Combination CPAP/Dental Sleep Device Therapy If you CPAP therapy is uncomfortable due to high pressures you can have a custom made dental sleep device or oral appliance that will attach directly to your CPAP machine.  When CPAP is combined with jaw advancement from a mandibular advancement device, the CPAP can often be used at a much lower pressure setting.





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You now can purchase a MAD or TSD on the internet without ever seeing a doctor.  These are considered a Class 2 medical device by the FDA and require a prescription to obtain.

Snoring surgery

Surgery such as snoring surgery is done when there is extra soft tissue in the throat.  With snoring surgery the tonsils and adenoids and other tissue in the back of the throat may be removed.  The septum of the nose may be abnormal.  This is a surgery to correct the wall or septum in the nose.   The first step is to know your snoring causes and then work with a doctor to decide the best method to stop the snoring.  Snoring surgery is not something done regularly if another method works.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Lifestyle change is the natural way that helps some people.  You begin by losing gained weight, avoiding alcohol especially if you use sedatives.  Drink plenty of water and some recommend changing pillows if yours is old since dust mites accumulate.

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Rebecca Beggs is a Former Registered Respiratory Home Care Practitioner now living in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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