Remember you have the right to choose your home care provider.  (For members of managed care plans, the choices will depend upon which home health agencies your plan works with.)  “Patient rights regarding home care “CLICK HERE“.

To request a home health service Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances require a physician’s prescription for certified home health care.  With CPAP supplies a Respiratory Therapist provides essential services based on individual needs.

The homecare provider you use provides you with your initial medical supplies.  They will also get your equipment set up at your home for you.  It is your choice as to who will handle your medical equipment.

The hospital or doctor will provide you with the home care providers available.

You also want to find out which homecare providers your health care insurance covers.

No matter if you are using medical supplies, medical equipment from a medical supply store or healthcare company such as Apria Healthcare or Apria medical supplies you need to be under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

This is true anytime you use medical supplies such as durable medical equipment (DME) are what are needed for home care especially when it comes to CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

Medical supplies are treated the same way on the internet. 3M Littmann Stethoscope

Home care companies provide education for home use of your CPAP.

When researching Respironics and Apria Healthcare online I discovered they carry a lot of product information.  No matter who your healthcare company is the more you learn about your plan of care and the medical supplies you use the more at ease you will be in being treated at home.

The medical equipment you need to learn the most about is the prescribed by your physician and your Respiratory Therapist will show you the best way to set it up, use and clean the equipment.  Contact your health care professional if you have any questions concerning therapy.

Apria Healthcare states on their site on the internet they have one-on-one education from a licensed Respiratory Therapist.  Apria Healthcare also has rentals that can be delivered to you per you physician’s orders.

Respironics  has home sleep testing in addition to in-lab diagnostic systems and Respironics carries a large range of products for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Respironics had this information they stated was taken from a Resource from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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Diagnosing OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea):  Getting a Diagnosis is the first step towards treatment.  Left untreated it can lead to a premature death.

Self-Evaluation is asking yourself these questions:

Do you snore loudly?  Do you often feel tired, fatiqued, or sleepy during the day?  Has anyone observed you not breathing during sleep?  Do have you have or have you been treated for high blood pressure?   You have a high risk of sleep apnea if you answered yes to two or more of this questions.

As a former Registered Respiratory Therapist my personal thoughts on this is to follow up with your physician if you answered yes to the above questions.

Finally to quote Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D., an associate professor of medicine and researcher at New York University School of Medicine’s Sleep Disorders Center. “Someone with severe apnea can cut oxygenation to their brain in half several times a night.”

This is one reason through personal experience I feel it is so important to get this information out.

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Rebecca Beggs is a Former Registered Respiratory Home Care Practitioner now living in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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