How long can a person smoke at risk for copd

Great question for people at risk and newly diagnosed with COPD

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This is a great question for both people at risk for COPD (chronic obstructed pulmonary disease) and those newly diagnosed with COPD. The reason I use the words “newly diagnosed” is because with time after diagnosis with COPD you will be forced to quit smoking due to the fact you have trouble getting your breath.

While in respiratory school one of my instructors, Stanley told me he smoked knowing the consequences since he was not diagnosed with COPD. He continued to say if he should however be diagnosed, he would quit. So this is one of the lies we tell ourselves, I will quit when I have to.

I wrote two articles one is how to know if you are at risk for COPD and the other the easy way to quit smoking. If you are interested type in your web browser: “Quitting smoking made easy by a respiratory therapist who quit smoking” or “ Got Breath? Are you are risk for COPD?” So by the two articles you can see I quit smoking the easy way, and I believe everyone should find out their risks for COPD if they do smoke.

In my article about quitting smoking I dispel some of the common myths smokers have, after all I had them too. And in my article about the risk of COPD I list the risk factors on becoming a COPD. There is also a table included to help distinguish the different levels of COPD. They are referred to as stages.

Think about this, the sooner you quit smoking the less liking you are to get COPD. If you do smoke and stop now the damage stops and you can most likely maintain your current level. No guarantees. If you don’t stop, “You run the chance of living a life on oxygen, or worse.” Most people live in denial of their breathing status.

Here is a great video Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the risks of smoking and the benefits of quitting with leading pulmonologist Dr. Ronald Crystal. The video is only 1 minute and 35 seconds, almost the amount of time to find a cigarette and light up. Listen to the video and then you decide. Give yourself that much time to think this out.

Well over 24 million of us in this country have a risk factor for COPD. It is the action you take today that will make a difference for you tomorrow. It is up to you to empower yourself to maintain and/or regain your health. This is something you cannot ignore because sooner or later it will catch up with you.

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My mother and father both died from COPD caused by cigarette smoking and that is one of my motivators to getting this message out. This is something you can do for yourself and your family today. You just took the first step to educating yourself. You know what the next step is. The best part is when you quit, think of all the money you will save to do other things.

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