Gift for the Critical Medical Decision

Vincent van der Pas

At times in a medical situation there are only minutes to make a critical medical decision to save a life, so I felt it time to get more involved in this area.  Working  as Registered Respiratory Therapist, and part of the emergency team I often encountered patients unconscious in the emergency room. The information medical personnel need more than a name is any existing medical conditions. What is the first question they ask when you go for a routine medical exam? Are you allergic to anything? Do you have any current medical conditions?

Someone is lying unconscious,  can present life and death questions. The medical personnel immediately check for anything brought in with the victim so family can be contacted. Also the patient’s pulse if checked as well as someone listens to the heart. What can help in these situations is medical ID jewelry.

When you are unconscious and in need of immediate medical attention these pieces of jewelry can save your life. They certainly will make the medical professional’s job a lot easier.

Imagine being conscious, however you are gasping for breath. This is also when the team needs to know important information about your medical condition.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew you could help your family by being there for them in an emergency?   You can with the jewelry such as, a medical alert ID.

While looking at products to advertise and believe this is not only something that saves lives it is an enjoyable piece of jewelry. When given as a gift they look at it each day, thinking of you, and the fact you care enough about keeping them safe.  Be sure and take time to look at the Medical ID jewelry.

It is easier for health professionals to get involved if they know any medical conditions or requirements you or your loved ones have.

I also believe the medical ID jewelry is fashionable. There are testimonials online and how some people switch from necklaces to bracelets so wearing the jewelry is more of a choice fashion. After all they are then able to match outfits. Take a look and see what you think.

May your holidays be safe!


Image sourced: Vincent van der Pas via Flickr*